Thoughts I

A friend of mine often compiles a list of sayings and short thoughts he has had recently, which I always enjoy reading (here is a combined list of several of his posts). So I too will try this, although I doubt mine will be quite so interesting. These are more about me than the world in general, but I think can be applicable. Enough excuses, here we go:

  1. We are most alone in a crowd, for in a crowd we hide who we truly are deep within ourselves.
  2. Loneliness often sets in after the “high” of social activity, making it all the more devastating.
  3. I want you to like me, so I draw you in. To keep you liking me, I push you away from the darkness inside.
  4. I am like a great spy master, only telling people what they need to know, only letting them see part of me, never letting anyone see the whole picture (read mess)
  5. Saying goodbye for the last time is one of the hardest things we as humans do
  6. Saying hello for the first time is probably a close second

We will see if I can have a bit more of these next time, but here is my first stab.